Monday, June 14, 2010


Did you ever attend a church that had “Testimonies Services”? Perhaps you still do. Still this type of fellowship is few and far between. How I love to hear testimonies of God’s loving grace! Sitting still is not one of my better suites but I could sit for hours, upon hours listening to, reading about and telling of God’s love for His daughters.


  1. Oh, I remember testimony time...growing up in a small church, the adults would either go from row to row giving a testimony...or they would "pop up" randomly as they felt led to testify...

    My life testimony is on my blog...but in the last 2 years, I can testify that God has brought me through a fire intended to burn off the dross of self reliance...

    I always thought I should and could fix situations and people to make things work better...boy, was I wrong in that...the Lord brought me to the place where I realized He needed to be given total control of ALL aspects of my life...and not just the ones I WANTED to hand over...

    So thankful for His loving mercy and patience with me...God is so good!

  2. I love testimonies. They inspire me and speak of God's redeeming power. Revelation 12:11.

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog lately. I've been busy with family and haven't had the time to peek in on others. But I SO appreciate your kindness.

    God bless you this week!

  3. I love testimony time at church. My testify post is up on my blog sweetie.

  4. Linda - sorry I missed linking with you this week. It's been one of those days, but now I'm home, relaxing and visiting my favorite blogs.

    Yesterday at church, we had a different kind of service. There was no sermon, just praise and worship music, a time of testimony, and then the Lord's supper.

    Although I love hearing our pastor bring the message each week, it's nice to have a service like yesterday once in a while. Plus, it gave our pastor time to sit back and be fed.



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