Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Webs of the Heart

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a fanatic when it comes to a clean house. So imagine my surprise when I found this spider web. Pulling back the curtain to allow some light into the room, there it was. This comparison quickly came to my mind as did the scripture.

How often do the webs of life form on our hearts? Webs like hurt, unforgiveness, and doubt. By the looks of the spider web it had to have been there for awhile. How often do we simply overlook the webs forming on our heart? With ease I will remove the web from the curtain but not so easily are the webs of the heart cleaned away. We must call in the Master of cleaning hearts to get this job done…

Father, search me and know my heart; test me and know the webs of my heart. Clean away the webs that time has left, the ones that have gone unnoticed for far too long. Create in me a pure (clean) heart. Give to me a steadfast spirit, a steadfast desire to seek you. Give to me a steadfast spirit to know you more. Amen (let it be)…

Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. Ps. 139:23

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Ps. 51:10

Word-Filled Wednesday

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

God's Instruments

Christmas season has come to an end. The celebration is over. The decorations are now being put into storage waiting the next time of celebration. This week as I was putting away the nativity scene, carefully tucking Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus back into their boxes, I thought how often in our culture we celebrate Jesus just during Christian holidays. We make a point to be at church for Christmas services and again at Easter. Most of the time, we simply put Jesus in a box until we are in need of Him. My heart ached as I wondered how often I do exactly that.

We are in a sense to celebrate the birth, death and resurrection of Christ every day. And certainly every day we are to celebrate what He has done in our lives. We must keep the celebration alive in our hearts. To do that means we must pray, praise and read His word. When we have been in His presences it will be hard not to follow the instructions of Peter.

“the ones chosen by God, chosen for the high calling of priestly work, chosen to be a holy people, God’s instruments to do his work and speak out for him, to tell others of the night-and-day difference he made for you . . .” (1 Peter 2:9 MSG).

Peter isn’t saying we are all called to a pulpit ministry or any type of ministry other than telling the good news of what Christ has done in our lives.  We celebrate Jesus when we tell others “what He has done for me, He will do for you.”  

Word-Filled Wednesday

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Came Quietly

The New Year has arrived. It came in quietly for us, no fancy fireworks nor parties. With the New Year came a strong desire in my heart to be more faithful than I was last year, a desire to walk yet closer with the Lord. As I woke yesterday morning, a song came to my mind and I have chosen to use it as my New Year vow. “Just a closer walk with thee, grant it Jesus is my plea. Daily walking close to thee, let it be dear Lord, let it be.”

I wish you all a very happy New Year. May your homes be full of love and laughter. May your wallets be filled enough to provide for your needs and somewhat overflowing to enable you to share with others. May your hearts be full of mercy to forgive those who bring you sorrow. May you grow in the knowledge of Jesus. And finally may you silent yourself enough to hear the call He has for your lives as you go about your daily tasks.

With a sincere love for God’s children,

Linda Jurek