Friday, December 6, 2013

All Sought To See...

Christmas what a beautiful time of the year!  Lights, tinsel, and celebration!

As I read of the true reason for Christmas, this part really came alive for me.  All kinds of people sought to see this Child born on Christmas Day.

The lowly shepherds (not just one shepherd boy), after being told by an angel of this marvel birth, journeyed to Bethlehem. (Luke 2: 8-20)

Eight days after the birth of this Child, as was custom of the Jewish law, He was taken to the temple to be presented to The Lord.  There a man named Simeon led by the Spirit came into the temple. This man whom very life was set to the tune of the birth of this Christ Child, for he would not see death before he had set eyes on Him. (Luke 2:25-35)

Now there was a prophetess named Anna there in the temple also.  She was said to be of a great age. Don't you like the way Luke speaks of her age not as old but of a great age (sorry age is coming on strong for me so great age sure sounds better than OLD.)   She too had waited many years to meet this Child. (Luke 2:36-40)

So finally I come to the part of the wise men (no certain number of men were given.)   Probably two years after the birth, these wise man were still following a star to seek this Child. (Matthew 2:1-12)

Each of these people came to not only see this Child but to worship Him each in their way.   Okay, I have given you the verses so you can read each account but to get to the point of my account of this beautiful story.

All kinds of people sought to see this Child born on Christmas Day. Some just out in the field, some had been in the right place simply waiting, others traveled for quite a distance.   The one thing all had in common was they worshipped Him.

So let me ask you, where is your Bethlehem?   Will we, in the hustle and bustle of this Christmas season, find the right place, time and gift for this Christ Child?  Will we take time to truly seek Him? All He really wants for Christmas (His birthday) is your worship and you!

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tis is the Season

Tis is the season!  Thoughts of sugar plums danced in her head.  For many this is not and will not be the case.  Instead worry, haste and lack of the world's definition of enough will take away the joy of many.

When we look at this season through the world's mindset we totally miss the true meaning, the whole picture.

Instead of sugar plums dancing in my head as I woke there were these simple words "who do you say I am?"   That question makes me look deeper inside not only at seasons but deeper within myself.  He is no longer the Child in the manger or no longer the Man on the cross.  Yes, He did come as that Child and He did hang on a cross for you and me!  But if we stop there we (Christ-followers) will also miss the whole picture.

So how do we, how do I answer the same question that He asked of His disciples? Peter hit the nail on the head when He replied "You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”  (Matthew 16:15-16). But somehow I believe He wants a more personal answer of me this morning.

To me He is my deliverer, redeemer, healer, and giver of life.  Each of these words defines what He has done in my life.  For once I was held captive in sin and He delivered me.  I could not be good enough so He redeemed me.  I could not make myself whole so He healed me.  I was doomed to death (a very slow death) and He gave me life.

That is who I say He is.  How about you?  Who do you say this Man called Jesus is?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

She Danced

How she danced! For quite some time now I have been seeing glimpses of things in my mind's eye.  Not just shadows of things but the actual object has been so clear.  Probably about five weeks ago I saw an opened music box with a dancer.  Not the every little girl's normal ballerina music box, this one had a live woman with a flowing skirt.  She held one side of the skirt in her hand while the other hand was extended upward as in praise.  She appeared so full of joy, reminding me that as His daughters this type of joy can and should be ours. 

For many days after, upon waking, I would catch this vision in my mind.  The vision is no longer active but as I was looking through family pictures today I came across this one of my granddaughter dancing.  Maybe, this picture can give us a visual image of the joy to simply let go and praise The Lord!  


Often the psalmist spoke of singing and dancing being his way of praise. Yet while reading the Psalms there is no doubt that time of trouble, despair, depression and loneliness had been a part of his life since the beginning.  While David often faced the woes of life, he always seemed to come back to the One that gave him courage and hope to go on! 
Just as David danced before The Lord in unlikely time of happiness so we can also.   David penned these words and other like them time and again.

 "You did it: you changed wild lament into whirling dance;
You ripped off my black mourning band and decked me with wildflowers.
I’m about to burst with song; I can’t keep quiet about you.
God, my God, I can’t thank you enough."
             Psalm 30:11-12. The Message (MSG)

Like David I choose to remember the times God has changed my troubles, my sorrows and my life challenges into joy.   So I will dance and burst with song as I lift up my Lord!  In the good times and in the bad (hard) times I will DANCE. . .

Let them praise his name with dancing, making melody to him with tambourine and lyre!  Psalm 149:3 ESV

Then shall the young women rejoice in the dance, and the young men and the old shall be merry. I will turn their mourning into joy; I will comfort them, and give them gladness for sorrow.  Jeremiah 31:13 ESV
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Sunday, September 1, 2013


The sun is just rising like the blinds being lifted to allow in the morning light.  Even in the early dawn of morning, I am reminded the world is never in a state of silence.

Birds in the nearby trees chirp their morning song. In the nursery across the way, the sprinkler system begins to make its "this tttt thtt" sound.  You can hear the sounds of the dogs' paws on the concrete as she takes them for their morning walk. 

I listen to the cars zoom past going somewhere, going nowhere but leaving the vvrooo noise in their quake.  You can even hear the wheels of the bikes as they pedal quickly by.  And somewhere in the distance the grasshoppers welcome the morning in their own unquiet way.

Listening to all these different sounds, the morning is indeed not silent as I try to meditate upon my Lord.  It is then I remember the written words of The Lord!

 "You heavens, praise him; praise him, earth; Also ocean and all things that swim in it."
         Psalm 69:34 The Message (MSG)

 But he said, “If they kept quiet, the stones would do it for them, shouting praise.”
        Luke 19:40 The Message (MSG)

And so I say quiet loudly, ain't no stone going to cry out in my place.  I shall not be silent but heard above the noise, for I shall praise my Lord!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

He that Speaks

Meet Omar, my African Gray.  The Hebrew meaning of Omar is “he that speaks; eloquent speaker.”  African Grays are noted for their ability to quickly pick up not only the words of their owner but their voice tone as well.  They, like a child, learn to speak when they are 6 months to a year old.  And like with children you must be careful what you say often around them least you hear it repeated when you most likely desire it not to be.
Omar has indeed become “the speaker”.  When I spend time talking with him, his (my) words flow effortless from him.  However, if Omar does not hear the voice of his owner often enough only noise (sounds of his world) come out of his mouth (so to speak.)

Crazy thing how God uses things, people or even pets to teach us needed lessons.  Have you already caught my drift here?
Aren't we a lot like Omar? When we stay close to our owner (maker) we mimic his words, his heart. However if we drift too far we only make the noise of this world!

So who owns you? Are you listening and learning to sound like Him?  How I long to be an imitator of my Lord!

“You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price.” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

“Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.”
(1 Corinthians 11:1 ESV)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Voice

She couldn’t decide which voice was louder, the one coming from the lady speaking to her or the one in her own mind. 
 If only she could close her eyes, perhaps the one in her mind would be silenced. 
The hurt and wounded hearts sound much alike although told by different women.  The questions echoed time and again are the same.  Why did God allow this to happen in my life?  Why can’t I just get it right one time? What am I to do now? 

The voice in her mind says you too have lived this life.  Flesh cries out why.  All reasoning gone!  Be silence voices, there is only one voice she wishes to hear.  The true voice of reasoning, which is beyond our ability to make a wrong become right, comes to remind her of the truth.  She is no longer the person that Satan now wants to taunt her mind with.  And the lady across from her is about to go on a journey that only God can orchestrate.  It is then that the healing words flow through her mind.  Just as God has healed her so He will again heal another, and so many more.
His words are so sweet, so gentle, so inviting.  The voice of the turtledove beckoning us to come away to freedom.  He beckons us to come away to wholeness. Listen to sound of God beckoning not only these ladies but you also. . .

 “My beloved spoke, and said to me: "Rise up, my love, my fair one, And come away. For lo, the winter is past, The rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth; The time of singing has come, And the voice of the turtledove Is heard in our land.”
             Song of Solomon 2:10-12 ESV

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Friday, August 2, 2013

And She Prayed

And she prayed, Father surely I have fallen too far from your grace.  My world seems to be spinning out of control.  Once I believed that all things were possible.  Now I find myself wondering if my very existence is possible.  The hurt and pain, bought on not only by others but also of my own choices, seem too much to bear.  Crying out to you, my words seem to hit a brick wall simply echoing back at me.
Are you there?  Do you still care?  Will you rescue me yet again?  And Father if I fail you again tomorrow, oh Lord I do not think I can stand the gap between us.   The pit seems to become deeper with each passing moment.

And the Father whispers, my child I will always allow my grace to cover you.  Remember my grace is sufficient for you.  Your world only seems to be out of control.  If you will allow me to help, give me control then will I right the wrongs and set all things in order. 
Your very existence is of my choosing.  I have placed you on the planet earth for all to see my glory working in and through you.  Do not be afraid, trust me.  Why do my people hurt one another?  Perhaps the others also did not trust me enough and chose to reach out in their flesh instead of by my Spirit.  Still, my child, remember I am the Healer, trust me. 

Your words, your cries have not crashed into a wall for I do indeed hear each cry one of my children makes.  I am indeed here and my love for you cannot be measured.  So you may grasp a ray of understanding, let me tell you of my love.  I love you so much that I sent my Son to die on the cross for you.  My love is not based on performance.  Nothing can separate you from my love.

My child I have not moved nor changed.  I am the same today, yesterday and forever.  You may come to me at any time and I will be right here for you.  Your prayers will quickly fill the gap you now feel if only you will call upon on me.  Trust me, I can and will heal the broken.  It is what I do!

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fight the Good Fight

Fight the good fight of faith? Why do you think Paul used the word fight?
1 Timothy 6:12 (NKJV)
Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

For some is the good fight to remain faithful to Christ in the midst of the storm?
For some is the good fight to remain faithful to Christ when all HELL seems to be coming against them?
Is the good fight to remain faithful when everyone around you is not faithful?
Is the good fight to remain faithful when the things of the world (things we know better than to do) seem so appealing – surely that would bring me happiness?
Perhaps we can now realize this journey was (since the fall) never intended to simply be a walk in the park.

I love the way The Message Translation says 1 Timothy 6:11-12
"But you, Timothy, man of God: Run for your life from all this. Pursue a righteous life—a life of wonder, faith, love, steadiness, courtesy. Run hard and fast in the faith. Seize the eternal life, the life you were called to, the life you so fervently embraced in the presence of so many witnesses."

Pursuing a righteous life may be indeed be a fight but in the end the reward will be worth the fight! Not only in our Heavenly home but worth the fight even here in this earthly home. . .

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Call Me!

Friendships are one of God's true blessing for our lives. This morning with thoughts of a dear friend's request, I came to the Lord in prayer. With thoughts and prayer roaming through the cobwebs of my mind, a tune found its way in. "Call me, maybe it's late but just call me." Ever so gentle I heard Jesus say "trust me, you really must trust me, there is so much more I want to do. You can trust me!"

The gentle inner voice carried the same tune but there is no denying it was the voice of my Lord once again reminding me that He is trust worthy. Jesus was hearing my prayer of worry, my (once again) cry of fear. He,being ever so gentle, brought peace to my soul with this old secular ballad.

As you read this, bet the tune made it's way into your mind also. You are probably humming right now. Let me assure you, Frank Sinatra could woo you with this tune but he couldn't hold a candle to this morning. And who knows that God didn't whisper the words for this old ballad straight to the heart of its authors.

Imagine Jesus singing these words to me and you, His chosen bride!

"Now don't forget me, because if you let me, I will always stay by you.
You gotta to trust me, that's how it must be, there's so much that I can do.
If you call, I'll be right with you. You and I should be together.
Take this love I long to give you. I'll be at your side forever -
call me, don't be afraid, maybe it's late but just call me tell me and I'll be around
call me, don't be afraid, maybe it's late but just call me tell me and I'll be around"

Zephaniah 3:17 (NIV)

The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you,
but will rejoice over you with singing.”

Monday, May 20, 2013

Iron Sharpens Iron As God Listens

Why and How Iron Sharpens Iron....

This weekend God once again reminded me of the depth of His word. You will find the words in Proverbs 27:17, "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."

But let me begin at the beginning. This weekend would turn out to be one of those life changing events. God had it all set up. All I had to do was walk in obedience.

It started by keeping a lunch date with a sister in Christ. God had already given us a friendship but this day He would allow the iron to sharpen iron. We spoke of our love for Christ as we shared the goings on of our life. Then she shared a verse (Malachi 3:16) with me. Oh my goodness, how many years as a counselor and teacher have I told this story to His daughters? How many times have I envisioned these very words within my spirit and by the Holy Spirit? Picture with me if you will, a group of His daughters sitting around sharing story after story about the faithfulness of our Lord. In the spirit, I can see Him turn to His Son and say "look there are my girls again. How they love us.... I am so proud of them." Then He leans in closer and whispers, "I will hear them and give them the desires of their hearts."

With everything in me, I believed I was speaking truth to His daughters when I said He listens in on our conversations. However, the words were to become gospel as Sue shared God's word with me. Oh and by the way, I doubt Sue had ever heard me share that story.... She was simply sharing the Scripture from her morning devotion with The Lord.

The next day we were attending "Joy Conference". The conference speaker, Rhonda Holland spoke the same words, using the same Bible passage, of how He looks down, listening and calling us His. God says "Mine".

My point here is simple!  Sue gave me God's written word (one that was already deep in my spirit) and Rhoda came to sharpen the verse even more so...

We must not isolate ourselves! We must seek both Godly friendships, mentors and places to grow in God. When conferences are offered we must find the time to go drink and feed at the table God has prepared for us. God does use others to not only sharpen us but to confirm things deep in our spirit. I ,for one, am glad God sent His daughters my way this weekend. This story is only one of many I could share from this weekend! Perhaps, I will share more later.

By the Way, the truth is God does listen to our conversations and He does call us "MINE"... I won't put the scripture here for you because I want to challenge you to go pick up your bible and read it for yourself.

Malachi 3:16-17 Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament

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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Small Delicate Hand

There it was again.  How does it come upon her so quickly and without an apparent sign of its coming? Her mind seems free from concern and worries.  She cannot even visualize one solitary event leading to its appearance.  Still she can feel the weight of its presence as though she has summoned the darkness to appear. 
This thing called burden, depression or anxiety comes quickly like a thief in the night, robbing her of her peace of mind.  Not only does it steal her peace of mind but it also seems to want a piece of her soul, her very being.  It hovers over her like a cloud about to rupture at the seams. Perhaps this time it will simply swallow her whole.  At times, she wishes it would do just that.  At least then it might be over and she could simply rest.

Wait, this time she notices something quite strange.  Had she never noticed it before?  The clouds though many are pitch black, some are fluffy and white.  Looking closer, yes there it is a small delicate hand reaches high out of the cloud.  Her very being sighs with relief but why?  Somewhere in her mind (her spirit) she is acquainted with this sigh of relief. 
The clouds are drifting now.  There is a ray of light, a ray of hope.  She now realizes that small hand was lifted in praise. Then she sees His hand reaching down to grasp the small delicate uplifted hand.   She simply whispers “next time I will lift my hand sooner.”

 Psalms 42:11 Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Wing

Longing to be able to share a visible image of my heart this morning, I find myself wishing for the talent of drawing.  That however is not a talent God chose to give me so I will use both my words and goggle to tell my story today.
She was old and that she was well aware of.  Still this morning she felt like a child as she approached His throne.  She wondered why her Father would ask her to play a role in His kingdom.  What was He thinking?  How would she ever touch the lives He was asking her to touch?  A sense of fear, a sense of failure lured around her heart, still she wished so to please Him.

As she pondered the depth of her relationship with Him, He draws this beautiful picture in her mind.  She sees a beautiful wing and under it and yet standing tall in a sense was a baby chick.  It was as if the chick at times had a mind of its own.  However this magnificent wing would hold her in the safety of its spread.  It would allow her to be her own self but never to wonder out of its reach or protection.
She, perhaps for the first time in her life, realizes that her Father will always offer the safety of His wing.  Never will He push her so hard from the nest that she cannot return to find safety and comfort under His wing. He will never ask her to do any task that requires her to leave His safety, comfort or protection.  He has her covered…


Like this picture, the mom hen will guard her babies until they are well able to venue out on their own.  There is a place in God’s word where He says “how many times I have desired to gather your children as a hen that gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing!”  Not only does He desire to gather us but the Psalmist said “With his feathers he will cover you, under his wings you will find safety. His truth is your shield and armor.”   Unlike the hen, God’s wing will always cover you if you will allow Him to be there for you!
Scripture references: Matthew 23:37  and Psalm 91:4
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Who'll Stop the Rain?

While taking clothes from the dryer, these words drifted through my mind. "Still I wonder you will stop the rain." Other thoughts quickly filled my mind, those kind of words where you wonder where did these come from.  No, it wasn't raining and chances of me knowing the first words were those of a song are quiet slim. That would not have been my choice of music growing up. But the thoughts that quickly followed without a doubt are always in my spirit.

" Still I wonder who will stop the rain? Lord, I know the answer to these words. You will both start and stop the rain. The gentle rains that waters the earth are yours. The loud thunderous rains that pour upon the earth are yours. The rain (sorrow, trials, doubts, fears, confusion) that floods our souls is not of you but only you can stop this rain. If we believe in you, we know this to be true. Still our souls cry out 'I wonder who will stop the rain?' "

Are you one crying out or simply wondering who will stop the rain? Are your days so full of those thunderous downpours that you think you will surely drown? Do not fear, look up and call out "Lord, only you can stop this rain."

Creedence Clearwater Revival Who'll Stop The Rain Lyrics

"Long as I remember the rain been comin' down
Clouds of mystery pourin' confusion on the ground.
Good men through the ages tryin' to find the sun.
And I wonder still I wonder who'll stop the rain."

The words of Jesus
"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws nigh." Luke 21:28

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spit Shine

"Often times the metaphor of light is used to describe the way Christ-followers reflect their Creator. The point is that we are to look so different from the rest of the world when we model Christ, that the world wants what we have. In essence, we should be so dazzling that people ask us why we shine." Quote By Lindsay Williams

These words are from my morning devotion which caused me to really take a closer look at myself through the eyes of others. Perhaps, you can join with me this morning in asking yourself these questions that I had to ask myself after reading the words of Lindsay.

Does the world want what they see in my life? Do I have that spit shine that says I have been in the presences of God? Is there a sense of peace that lingered after I have left the room? Am I dazzling people with the love of God working through my life?

Father, on our own, We are nothing but with You, We can be all You have called us to be. Allow us to shine with all brightness in this dark world, bringing hope and encouragement to those in need. Sincerely I ask that we may have peace and joy that others have to ask "why we shine" so we may tell them of YOU, our true Light!

"You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:14-16 NIV

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

In Awe

"You shall follow the LORD your God and fear Him; and you shall keep His commandments, listen to His voice, serve Him, and cling to Him.” Deuteronomy 13:4 NAS

When we think of fear often we picture a state of panic and uncertainty but this is not the fear Moses speaks of here in Deuteronomy. He speaks of standing in awe of the Almighty God. He speaks of being revere before the Almighty God knowing that God alone is to be worshipped. He speaks of being revere knowing that Almighty God is the one and only true God. In knowing these truths of God, how could one NOT desire to keep His commandments, listen to His voice, serve Him and cling (hold fast) to Him?

Jesus tells us that we are to abide in Him (cling to Him) so that we might bear much fruit. (John 15)

Almighty God today we choose to fear you, follow your commandants, listen to your voice and obey. We thank You that You have provided the True Vine for us. As He clings to You so we cling to Jesus. We pray that we may bear much fruit bringing glory to our Almighty God.

Fear=revere, stand in awe of
Cling=hold fast to

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Having delivered the words I felt God had given me for the group, my head now resting on my pillow, images dancing in my mind – there it was! God’s reminder to me, simply these words “let down the net.”
Let me back up for a moment and explain.  My words spoken were to encourage us to pray detailed prayer from our heart.  Giving an example of how I personally have seen God answer prayers to the detail in which they were prayed.  To see the results of the particular answered prayer I spoke of, I first had to believe the words God had spoken to me.  Not only believe the words but deliver them as He asked.  Having done as asked then I could (and did) enter my prayer closet asking God to bring His word to past, asking in a manner that only God could answer.

As the words “let down the net” danced through my mind, it was as if Jesus was saying that like Peter, I had let down the net and He had given the catch.  Years ago, the answered prayer, came after not understanding why God would ask me to deliver such words to a lady I truly knew very little about.  Still as Peter said “nevertheless at your word, I will let down the net.”

What is God asking you to do today?  Perhaps He is asking you to be a witness of His amazing saving grace…  Perhaps He is asking you to show compassion to someone… Or maybe He is saying to you, just as He told Peter; “let down your net, trust in Me and see the catch (results)”

"When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” But Simon answered and said to Him, “Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net.” And when they had done this, they caught a great number of fish, and their net was breaking. So they signaled to their partners in the other boat to come and help them. And they came and filled both the boats, so that they began to sink."  Luke 5:4-8 NKJV

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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Path

"Above all else, guard your heart, for it affects everything you do. Avoid all perverse talk; stay far from corrupt speech. Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you. Mark out a straight path for your feet; then stick to the path and stay safe. Don't get sidetracked; keep your feet from following evil."  Proverbs 4:20-27 (NLT)

What lies before you?  Are your eyes fixed on the goal or on yesterday's failures?  Have you marked out (set) a straight path for your journey?  Life doesn't always come at us as we would like.  There are always little stones or even pebbles that can cause us to stumble but still we must travel forward in our journey.

As I type this, thoughts from years past flood my senses.  The trip was all planned!  How I was looking forward to travelling with a friend.  We would make our journey to Cleveland, TN.  There we would attend classes to become Commission Chaplains through the Church of God.  Who would have ever guessed that same day a pebble would change all those plans?  One hurried wrong step, one small accident can change the timing and perhaps even a location in your journey but it does not have to change the destination of your dream.  One small pebble, one wrong hurried step brought me a broken hip and lots of down time to think about the path I had chosen.  

Today, I still haven't reached my final destination.  Why you ask?  My final destination is to become all God has created me to be.  There are milestones God has allowed me to reach but the climb isn't over yet.  So I have fixed my eyes on what lies ahead, (the big picture) spending eternity with the love of my life, Jesus Christ.  As my eyes stay fixed on the destination, He sees me through each step  of this earthly journey be they hurried or slow.

Oh by the way, I did accomplish the dream I mentioned.  He has allowed me to accomplish not only that one but many others He had planned for me.

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