Friday, December 6, 2013

All Sought To See...

Christmas what a beautiful time of the year!  Lights, tinsel, and celebration!

As I read of the true reason for Christmas, this part really came alive for me.  All kinds of people sought to see this Child born on Christmas Day.

The lowly shepherds (not just one shepherd boy), after being told by an angel of this marvel birth, journeyed to Bethlehem. (Luke 2: 8-20)

Eight days after the birth of this Child, as was custom of the Jewish law, He was taken to the temple to be presented to The Lord.  There a man named Simeon led by the Spirit came into the temple. This man whom very life was set to the tune of the birth of this Christ Child, for he would not see death before he had set eyes on Him. (Luke 2:25-35)

Now there was a prophetess named Anna there in the temple also.  She was said to be of a great age. Don't you like the way Luke speaks of her age not as old but of a great age (sorry age is coming on strong for me so great age sure sounds better than OLD.)   She too had waited many years to meet this Child. (Luke 2:36-40)

So finally I come to the part of the wise men (no certain number of men were given.)   Probably two years after the birth, these wise man were still following a star to seek this Child. (Matthew 2:1-12)

Each of these people came to not only see this Child but to worship Him each in their way.   Okay, I have given you the verses so you can read each account but to get to the point of my account of this beautiful story.

All kinds of people sought to see this Child born on Christmas Day. Some just out in the field, some had been in the right place simply waiting, others traveled for quite a distance.   The one thing all had in common was they worshipped Him.

So let me ask you, where is your Bethlehem?   Will we, in the hustle and bustle of this Christmas season, find the right place, time and gift for this Christ Child?  Will we take time to truly seek Him? All He really wants for Christmas (His birthday) is your worship and you!

Others are writings over at Spiritual Sundays, you will be blessed as you read...

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tis is the Season

Tis is the season!  Thoughts of sugar plums danced in her head.  For many this is not and will not be the case.  Instead worry, haste and lack of the world's definition of enough will take away the joy of many.

When we look at this season through the world's mindset we totally miss the true meaning, the whole picture.

Instead of sugar plums dancing in my head as I woke there were these simple words "who do you say I am?"   That question makes me look deeper inside not only at seasons but deeper within myself.  He is no longer the Child in the manger or no longer the Man on the cross.  Yes, He did come as that Child and He did hang on a cross for you and me!  But if we stop there we (Christ-followers) will also miss the whole picture.

So how do we, how do I answer the same question that He asked of His disciples? Peter hit the nail on the head when He replied "You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”  (Matthew 16:15-16). But somehow I believe He wants a more personal answer of me this morning.

To me He is my deliverer, redeemer, healer, and giver of life.  Each of these words defines what He has done in my life.  For once I was held captive in sin and He delivered me.  I could not be good enough so He redeemed me.  I could not make myself whole so He healed me.  I was doomed to death (a very slow death) and He gave me life.

That is who I say He is.  How about you?  Who do you say this Man called Jesus is?