Friday, August 2, 2013

And She Prayed

And she prayed, Father surely I have fallen too far from your grace.  My world seems to be spinning out of control.  Once I believed that all things were possible.  Now I find myself wondering if my very existence is possible.  The hurt and pain, bought on not only by others but also of my own choices, seem too much to bear.  Crying out to you, my words seem to hit a brick wall simply echoing back at me.
Are you there?  Do you still care?  Will you rescue me yet again?  And Father if I fail you again tomorrow, oh Lord I do not think I can stand the gap between us.   The pit seems to become deeper with each passing moment.

And the Father whispers, my child I will always allow my grace to cover you.  Remember my grace is sufficient for you.  Your world only seems to be out of control.  If you will allow me to help, give me control then will I right the wrongs and set all things in order. 
Your very existence is of my choosing.  I have placed you on the planet earth for all to see my glory working in and through you.  Do not be afraid, trust me.  Why do my people hurt one another?  Perhaps the others also did not trust me enough and chose to reach out in their flesh instead of by my Spirit.  Still, my child, remember I am the Healer, trust me. 

Your words, your cries have not crashed into a wall for I do indeed hear each cry one of my children makes.  I am indeed here and my love for you cannot be measured.  So you may grasp a ray of understanding, let me tell you of my love.  I love you so much that I sent my Son to die on the cross for you.  My love is not based on performance.  Nothing can separate you from my love.

My child I have not moved nor changed.  I am the same today, yesterday and forever.  You may come to me at any time and I will be right here for you.  Your prayers will quickly fill the gap you now feel if only you will call upon on me.  Trust me, I can and will heal the broken.  It is what I do!

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  1. "It is what I do!" I love the assurance in these last words.Thank you for sharing. God bless. :)

  2. Linda,

    These are just the exact words I needed to hear today. Not only do I feel this way at times but also for my son who is struggling with alcoholism. He loves the Lord but satan has discouraged into thinking that he can't go to God anymore when he has messed up...that He has given up on him because of it. I am going to print out your devotional and give it to him. You said it just perfectly. I'm blessed to have found you on Spiritual Sundays!


  3. Oh, I love your words about our God who does not change and hears all our cries, sighs and prayers! Actually, I think those silent cries from the heart are great prayers!
    Blessings XX

  4. What beautiful words! God is an ever present light in our lives and we need to turn to Him today as our world is spinning out of control! He is goodness in so much evil! I am glad I came over today. It is hard to get around to everyone but I enjoy visiting Spiritual Sunday. The encouragement is a treasure. Have a good week. Thank you for sharing.


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