Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Woman

Like the woman at the well, I met a man who knew all about my life. He had been telling me in His own ways that I should come back to my first love. He caused me to take a serious look at my life and where it was headed. He offered me a drink from His well of living water. Who was this man that He would offer me a free drink of water? Who was this man that would offer me love without a price tag?  His name is Jesus!

Like the adulterous woman hurled at His feet, He told me I was not condemned but to go and leave that life of sin behind. Who was this man that He would offer me pardon and this life changing advice? His name is Jesus!

There were people in my life that said I could not or would not change. Through their accusing words, accusing laughter and accusing looks, I crawled to touch the hem of this man that I had heard of. Surely if I could touch Him then I would be healed from pain, regret, and a broken heart. He knew the moment I touched Him, as did I. For immediately His healing power I could feel as He touched my tattered soul. He said my faith had healed me and that I should go in peace. Who was this man that such healing power could come from Him? His name is Jesus!

There were also people in my life that told me of a man that could offer me a better way of living. Believe when I say men had often changed my life but not for the good. This man they guaranteed me was different. This man would love me like no other could. As a child I had met such a man but in my youth I had put him aside for the worldly gold that seemed to beckon me. Forever I will remember that day when on my front porch, I washed His feet with my tears. He gently stroked my head and said I was forgiven, loved and could now go forward in peace. Who was this man that he could offer me forgiveness and give me peace like I had never known? His name is Jesus.

Now I know this story is true. After meeting this man, often I would tell Him how I long to be like the woman at the well, like the woman hurled at His feet, like the woman touching His hem or like the woman washing His feet. One day in prayer He showed me how I and so many others of His daughters are just like these women. Pause and ponder upon that!

Years have passed since I met this man. Our times together have become my source of life. Now like Mary I often sit for hours at His feet. Oh, there are times when the Martha in me will still show up; times when I will try so hard to show by my works that I do indeed love and appreciate Him. It is then that He reminds me that works are not what He requires of me. His love is free! Who is this man that would love me so much to invite me to spend countless moments, minutes and yes even hours in His presences? His name is JESUS…..

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  1. Linda - this is beautifully written. Like you, I met Jesus when I was young, but I turned away from Him - a prodigal daughter. But He welcomed me home with open arms and praise God, I don't ever want to leave Him again.

    Blessings and joy,

  2. What a beautifully anointed post. Your heart and the Holy Spirit wrote the words full of love, praise, and worship! When you spend time in HIS presence HE will fill you to overflowing and change us to be like HIM!

    Thank you for letting us into your heart that is so full of Love for our Savior!

    Have a blessed weekend

  3. So very precious, bless you.

  4. That was a wonderful blessing to read.

    Yoli :)

  5. great read...great post. Your heart shines with His love. Happy Sonday

  6. Beautiful and touching story.
    Sweet Blessings,

  7. I will repeat what others have commented here. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us. It is beautifully written.

  8. That is beautiful, thanks for sharing. Blessings

  9. Wow!Wow! Wow! Great writing. Very moving. Thank you for blessing my life today with this post.

  10. I know this Jesus! What a gift. Thank You for the powerful reminder of what He can do. No one is left behind, we are all invited to drink and be healed. He sees us through eyes of love and grace.

    Love this!

    Enjoy your week!

  11. I met the same Man! Thanks for a beautiful post.:)

  12. The best day of my life was the day I met this Man Jesus!! He invited me to come with Him and totally changed my life. Thank you for this beautiful post.

  13. Such a beautiful post! I know this Man, too! My life is changed because of Jesus.

    Living for Him, Joan

  14. I loved this post...this Man is my everything....

  15. What I love about meeting this man... is we want to share Him. That is divine all on it's own.

  16. Praise the Lord. What would we be without the love of Christ Jesus...

  17. Blessings daughter of the King... I so glad that HE IS MY EVERYTHING and you pointed me to read this beautifully written love story of your intimate place with Jesus! I can see how you recalled this post at my MIRACLE WFW today & directed me here to enJOY! Truly a divine encounter! Yes, we are just like these women and have lived at this place at His feet knowing Him as a Mary and also as a Martha.
    I am so thankful for the love He gives that is the ONLY One who truly completes us. LOVE this and I so blessed that you shared this with me.
    (I use to do Spiritual Sunday and there are so many beautiful people who share in this wonderful meme... that truly write so beautifully as YOU have here & how many of them loved this sweet fragrance from you! Thank you Linda for following the lead to point me here to enJOY this anointed reflection of yours!)


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