Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Filling the Sky

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;
old things have passed away;
 behold , all things have become new.
2 Corinthians 5:17

About fifteen years ago, long before the butterfly became such a symbol for Christians, God gave me a vision. The vision was crystal clear and one that I will never forget. About to host a conference for women that still has neither theme nor title, I prayed asking God what He had for His daughters. Let me add, this conference was sponsored by giving, caring women of God that like me wanted to reach the unchurched as well as reaching out to local churches. Because of their generous hearts we were able to offer this conference free of charge. As I sought God’s direction, He gave me this vision:

At first there was a small cocoon with only a slight view of a butterfly about to be released from the cocoon. When that butterfly was set free, it flew high and as it flew one butterfly became a breathtaking view of many colorful butterflies. They filled the sky with such grand splendor. One after another and another, no longer could I see the cocoon, only them as they  filled the sky soaring higher and higher.

The Lord than gave me this scripture to base the conference on and the rest as they say became history. That weekend we decorated every nook and cranny with the vision God had given me. We watched in awe as neighborhood women came to the Lord. We watched others grow in their relationship with the Lord. And yes oh yes indeed, we celebrated the love of our Lord and Savior!

As I have pondered that vision lately, a thought that did not come to me then has surfaced strongly in my heart. Can you see how one butterfly can produce many? Yes, they too will have to go through their growing period. Still could God be telling us that we as butterflies of His love and grace have the ability to fill the sky (your neighborhood, city, state) leading the way for others?

Oh, Lord to be such a butterfly for you!

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Photo by Connie Gatlin (my niece) - August 2010


  1. Such a beautiful vision sweetie.

  2. Linda - this is beautiful! Yes, yes, be a butterfly for Christ and no longer be bound in our old cocoons!

    Love this inspiring message!


  3. yes i agree:) beautiful insights:)Be blessed!

  4. I'm with you on that vision Linda! God honors the desires of our hearts. Just continue to hold on to that dream and someday, you're going to see the magnificent, miracle working hand of God fulfilling those dreams to reality.

    Btw, I just followed you. Can you add me please?

    YOu can view my entry on my blog -

  5. I love your vision and I love the similtude of the butterfly's journey to ours...

    Bless you, and happy WFW!

  6. That is so beautiful Linda! God is so good! What a lovely vision and what truth!

    Bless you & happy WFW!

  7. Such a nice post. I've always loved the butterfly analogy to the freedom in Christ.

  8. Butterflies are one of my favorite symbols but never thought about them in this way.

  9. Linda,
    It's AMAZING what He shares with us when we will simply listen...what a beautiful revelation!

  10. Amen, we are all still growing for sure.

    Great word and illustration for WFW!!

  11. Wow! Such an amazing story. Thank you for sharing. Happy WFW:)

  12. Linda,
    I proudly claim my place as one of your butterflies. When we met I had a love for the Lord but I really can't say that I was a "Christian Woman". Through your love, patience & Godly example I now count myself as a true daughter of Christ and I hope that through my example I can bring this gift to other women. God Bless You Always!!

  13. I remember when I first learned about the Greek root for that idea of complete change. How captivating the thought was and still is to me to be completely different. The ugly gone, the beautiful to behold. Yes, it would truly be wonderful to fill the area around us with beauty as more come to follow Christ.

  14. Oh I loved the photo and verse a great illustration. Thanks for sharing your story it was beautiful

  15. Hi Linda,
    Your picture of the butterfly is beautiful. And your story shows how the Lord works out His plan even when we aren't sure where it's going.

    I would love to be a butterfly for the Lord.


  16. Beautiful...let's spread our wings, butterflies!


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