Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kindred Connection Party

Hosted by Kristen at Kindred Connection.  Click on the button above and join us!

1. What is your cultural heritage, and is it a part of your life (eg. do you celebrate your cultural holidays, or have special traditions or food that comes from your heritage)?

Not that sure of my heritage my mom’s family had a lot of Indian blood and Dutch. Never knew that much about my dad’s side of the family. My mom was from Mississippi with a love for good old fashioned country food. You know what I mean: grits, (not my favorite), fresh homegrown vegetables like peas, beans, tomatoes and potatoes. Of course potatoes were always covered in gravy.

2. Give a short description of your vision for your blog.

My visions for my blog are to be a place of encouragement, a place where all can come join in praise to our Lord. While I love writing encouraging words, I also envision my blog reaching out to hurting women in search of the Answer, Jesus. I love God’s daughters and find blogging a great way to connect with them. My blog also allows me to do three I love to do write about the love of life, Jesus, at times write about my grandchildren and share my love taking photos.

3.  What is one thing you are really enjoying about spring?

The warmth of the sun, the flowers, and the beauty of new growth are just a part of what I enjoy about spring.

4. Do you have an idea to share about something we could do today to bless our husbands/boyfriends to let them know they're special?

Little love notes left in his lunch box or a quick text message saying I love you seem to make my husband smile. Oh, and always a glass of iced tea when he walks through the door.

5. Are you involved in any social club (garden club, dinner club, book club, etc.) - or would you like to be?

I am not involved in any social club. Wouldn’t mind being in a scrapbooking girl’s night out if any of you bloggers are around Charleston, WV.


  1. Thanks for joining in the party today! I hope you're having a wonderfully blessed Wednesday... ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

  2. Hi Linda - I enjoyed reading this. Nice getting to know more about you. We think alot alike on our purpose/vision for blogging. I also love to take photos.


  3. what a fun read!
    my hubby is dutch and i'm a mishmash of a lot of things!


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