Monday, April 26, 2010

El Shaddi

How often have I heard or yes even said “but I can’t do what God is asking of me”? So this morning I am here to remind US that we do not serve just any god. We serve El Shaddi.  El Shaddi means God Almighty.

We serve a God who is all-sufficient, and who is strong enough to overpower and able to overcome all obstacles no matter the occasion! Is anything too hard for the Lord? (Genesis 18:14) He can give child to an aging barren woman. Can He not birth a dream within you and me?

A visiting preacher inquired of a congregation; do you believe God is almighty? Surely throughout the church the voices rang “Amen”. Then the preacher had to go one step further. Do you believe God is almighty in you? You could have head a pin drop. My mind raced, almighty in me? As if he heard the racing of our (for I am sure others thought the same) minds, he said “yes almighty in you”.

Above I have posted the song “El Shaddi”. If you have not already taken the time to listen, please do so. As you listen to the song may the strength of El Shaddi fill your whole being? May you not only feel that strength but may you know without a doubt that God, El Shaddi is almighty in you.


El Shaddi, this morning I give you all my praise. I thank you that to this outcast on her knees, you were the God who really sees. Thank you that you saw and knew that you could birth a dream in me. El Shaddi, I ask that the women reading this will know that you are an Almighty God that loves His daughters. May they know that you are still giving dreams and visions to your daughters? May they know that you are more than able to accomplish (complete) that which you place in their hearts. Amen.


  1. Bless you for this powerful prayer, love you.

  2. What a beautiful prayer! Whenever I feel overwhelmed by a task that God has given me, I always remind myself that the Good Lord will NEVER ask me to do anything that I'm not able to do. When God assigns you a job He will always provide all the means to complete it. What a mighty God we serve!


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