Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Come Drink Freely

The woman had came to the well, little did she know who she would meet that day. Her need or want at that moment was to simply fill her water pot and be about her business.  Anyway, why would this Jewish man ask her for a drink?  Then even stranger, say if she had known who he was she would have asked him for a drink. If she had asked (would ask) he would have given her living water...  (John 4:7-10)

As a counselor, I offer hear people say "if only God would speak to me".  So often I have prayed that people would hear the Holy Spirit speaking into their lives. He speaks through His Word, through others, through our circumstances, through our heart's yearning and so many other ways. 

I am reminded today that the Holy Spirit does come to us, wooing and courting us.  In a sense, God makes us yearn for a better way, a better life. 

Let me leave us with two things I believe that God has given me.

"If we are Christ followers, then He is in every part (every place, every step) of our lives. We must simply learn to acknowledge His presence."

And as I said earlier - the Holy Spirit does come to us, wooing and courting us but... He will not force Himself upon us.  Jesus waited to be asked by the woman at the well. Only if we ask Him can we be given the living water. 

An Old saying that we might apply here: 

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

We must choose to both ask and drink what He so freely offers us.

Going to get myself a drink of that Living Water,

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  1. Yes, wonderful truth about the person and presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. This week I talked about Romans 8:26 - that great promise that the Holy Spirit utters prayers for us with groanings too deep for words. I am especially thankful for that when I cannot seem to find words to say.

    Joining you in a big drink of Living Water!!


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