Tuesday, December 4, 2012

He Came So...

Ponder this with me for a moment!  Jesus left a place with walls of precious jewels, streets of pure gold and rivers of crystal. He came to be born in a dirty, smelly stable to a world where most would NOT accept Him.  He came to die on a rugged cross.  Why? 

He came so that those who would accept Him could one day walk on those streets of gold and drink from the crystal waters.  So that He could have us forever with Him in the place with walls of precious jewels.   Wouldn't you agree Jesus paid a great sum just to receive your love and belief in Him?

Prayer:  Jesus help me to also remember the reason you came and gave all.  You gave your all so that we might have life ever after with you.
Scripture reference: Revelation 21:18, 19, 21; Revelation 22:1; Luke 2:7 and John 19

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